MINIFunDrives came about because of the enjoyment of person had with his MINI Cooper.  A profound joy of getting together with other MINI drivers to just hang out and do things as a group.

The MINI cooper is a hobby, and like many other people lives are busy with so many competing interests.  Therefore the desire is to have a few events a year where there are key gatherings with a lot of other MINI Cooper Owners.  Typically these planned events are known well in advance so they can achieve a better attendance more participation for a all involved, which in turn, makes for a greater fun time to be had!  The main element is that these several events originate from the Houston / Galveston areas.

Besides the several planned events throughout the year there are infrequent gatherings throughout  the Houston and Galveston areas at places like at one of the local Sonic Drive-In, Willie’s Restaurants or even down at the Gulf Grey Hound dog track.  This is a time for other MINI owners to hangout and swap owner stories about our beloved MINIs.